Sr. No. Size
1 (53X22X3.8) 51MM
2 (63X24X4) 63MM
3 (74X24X2) 76MM
4 (102X24X4) 102MM
5 (120X24X4.2) 127MM
6 (159X24X4.5) 152-350MM

About this item

  • Ensures faster drilling and increased longevity.
  • Promotes smooth and rapid drilling through hard materials.
  • Utilizes top-grade diamonds for superior performance.
  • Recommended for enhanced speed and segment durability.
  • Ensures safety and longevity of the segments.
  • Effective on concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, and more.
  • Strict quality control for reliability and efficiency.



This Segments For Core Drill, designed specifically for turbo applications, marks a significant advancement in drilling technology. This segment is meticulously crafted to offer unmatched speed and precision across a vast array of materials, including reinforced concrete, masonry, and stone. With its turbo design, it achieves excellent sharpness and high efficiency during drilling operations, ensuring a long lifespan and superior drilling outcomes such as smooth cuts, flat surfaces, and consistent sizes. It operates with minimal noise, enhancing the user experience. Ideal for both handheld and rig-mounted machines, it incorporates an innovative diamond and metal powder composition, available in sizes ranging from 51mm to 350mm. The segment also features an optimized diamond segment formula that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, promising a long working life and high cutting speeds. It necessitates the use of water to guarantee a smooth, clean cut and to maximize the bit's lifespan, making it the standard choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their drilling tasks.

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