S. No. Size S. No. Size
1 25MM 11 102MM
2 32MM 12 112MM
3 38MM 13 127MM
4 40MM 14 152MM
5 44MM 15 180MM
6 51MM 16 200MM
7 63MM 17 230MM
8 76MM 18 254MM
9 83MM 19 300MM
10 89MM 20 350MM

About this item

  • Length 470mm
  • Adjustable Capacity
  • Design that is easy to use.
  • Our high-quality segment makes working very efficient.
  • In the meantime, the complete barrel guarantees a good concentrically.
  • Heavy reinforcement concrete, standard concrete, and brick wall asphalt.



Want a professional core drill? Xtra Power CORE DRILL(1¼ UNC) with a long handle is ideal for drilling and extracting embedded nails, bolts, studs and other objects from concrete. This tool comes with a flexible shaft that allows you to apply great pressure and leverage on any hardened concrete surface. The Core Drill is made of high-quality materials, which makes working very efficient. You can quickly drill into concrete, asphalt and brick walls with Xtra Power’s Core Drill. This is the best product in the market with a convenient design for easy handling and working. Its high-quality segment makes drilling efficient and it has heavy reinforcement for concrete, standard concrete and brick wall.

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