S. No. Size
1 65MM PH2
2 100MM PH2

About this item

  • Simple to use
  • Combo pack of PH2 65M and PH2 100MM with Magnetic Ring
  • Specifically made to suit the screw cap for convenience.
  • Safe and robust
  • CRV material
  • Excellent quality that ensures fatigue resistance.
  • Use conventional power/cordless screwdrivers and power tools for the best results.



What if a tool that can hold your fasteners comes with a fastener driver in a combo yet budget-friendly pack? Xtra Power has all the solutions you need to combat your daily industrial job in a budget-friendly way. Xtra Power – Power Bits Combination has PH2 65MM and PH2 100MM with Magnetic Ring bits to work in concealed corners. This is a solution if you want all the goodness in a single pack. You’ll find bits made up of CRV material in this combo pack that works well while operating on plastic, aluminum alloy, self-tapping screws, and screws that need to be drilled precisely. You can use these bits to operate with heavy-duty and regular industrial tools.

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