S. No. Size
1 25MM PH2
2 50MM PH2
3 65MM PH2
4 65MM PH2 / SL6
5 75MM PH2
6 100MM PH2
7 150MM PH2

About this item

  • High-Speed Bits.
  • Adjustable Capacity.
  • Convenient Design.
  • Safety And Durable.
  • Magnetized bits.
  • Precisely milled profiles-fits best in screw cap.
  • Through hardened vanadium-molybdenum steel.
  • Applicable for standard power/cordless screwdrivers and power tools.
  • Suitable for decorating furniture, plastics, general aluminium alloy, self-tapping screws, drilling screws with better results.



Searching for Screwdriver Bits? Xtra Power Screwdriver Bits is a set of high-speed and magnetized bits. It is available in many sizes and can be adjusted according to the requirement. The capacity of the driver can be easily increased or reduced by loosening. It has an easy-to-use design. It is safe and long-lasting. It is used for Furniture, plastics, general aluminum alloy, self-tapping screws and drilling screws with improved outcomes.

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