Size Grit Diameter
4" #60 100MM
4" #80 100MM
4" #120 100MM

About this item

  • Ideal for aggressive stock removal and precise finishing.
  • Materials create fresh, sharp edges for consistent cutting.
  • Designed to produce less noise and vibration for comfortable use.
  • Suitable for high RPM applications, ensuring efficient grinding and cutting.
  • Excellent for use on carbon and stainless steel, and heat-sensitive metals.
  • Designed to maintain cooler temperatures during operation.



The "Xtra Power Flap Disc GX" is an advanced abrasive tool designed specifically for right-angle grinders, ideal for a range of metalworking applications. This flap disc is engineered to deliver both efficient stock removal and precise blending or finishing, meeting the diverse needs of operators. Its unique construction features high-quality materials like ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina, renowned for their longevity and consistent performance. These materials are expertly crafted to continually produce fresh, sharp edges, ensuring rapid and effective cutting and finishing that surpasses traditional aluminum oxide abrasives. The disc's design is focused on user comfort and control, with reduced vibration and noise levels compared to standard grinding wheels. Exceptionally effective on carbon and stainless steel, the Xtra Power Flap Disc GX excels in tasks requiring quick material removal, efficient surface preparation, and fine finishing. The disc's ability to remain cooler during operation makes it an excellent choice for processing heat-sensitive metals, ensuring both quality results and extended tool life.

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