Power Source Type Double Insulation Electric Corded
Colour Red & Black
No Load Speed 13000 RPM
Voltage 220/240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Blade Capacity 125MM
Switch Lock Button Yes
Input Power 1450 Watts
Maximum Cutting Depth 30MM

About this item

  • Ensures accurate and clean cuts in marble.
  • Built to withstand heavy use and harsh materials.
  • Provides sufficient power for cutting through tough marble.
  • Allows for cutting various thicknesses of marble.
  • Comfortable grip and easy handling for prolonged use.
  • For wet cutting, reducing dust and cooling the blade.
  • Minimizes user fatigue and disturbance.

Package Contents

  • 1N Marble Cutter
  • 1N User Manual
  • 1 Pair Carbon Brush



Equipped with a 1450 Watts motor, the Xtra Power XPT 560 marble cutter delivers powerful and steady performance, easily handling heavy-duty tasks without compromising speed or precision. It boasts a remarkable no-load speed of 13000 RPM for rapid cutting, enhancing efficiency in task completion. The cutter's 125MM blade capacity offers versatility for different cutting needs, slicing through various materials with clean and precise cuts. It achieves a maximum cutting depth of 30MM, allowing flexibility in handling diverse materials and thicknesses. For safety and convenience, it includes a Switch Lock Button, providing enhanced safety and control during operation. Its ergonomic design features a compact and lightweight structure, ensuring easy handling and maneuverability. Additional features like a dust-sealed switch and a water line for wet cutting further enhance the cutter's functionality and durability. Ideal for both intricate designs and straight cuts, this marble cutter is a valuable addition to any toolkit, offering precision, power, and safety.

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