Power Source Type Double Insulation Electric Corded
Colour Red & Black
Rated Voltage 220/240 V
Rated Frequency 50/60 HZ
Rated Power 2000W
Max. Flow 8.0L/min
Motor Induction
Max. Pressure 150 Bar

About this item

  • Extended service life
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Automatic shut off
  • Powerful and high-efficiency motor
  • 150-bar for maximum cleaning power
  • Structured pressure gauge for better performance

Package Contents

  • 1 unit Pressure Washer
  • 1 unit Filter
  • 1 unit Water Inlet pipe
  • 1 unit High-Pressure Pipe
  • 1 unit Spray Gun
  • 1 Unit Connector
  • 1 unit User Manual



Choose a Pressure Washer from the large selection to clean your surroundings. The 2000-watt powerful motor and intelligent design of the Xtra-power Pressure Washers enable it to be used effectively on decks, cement walls, pools, outdoor furniture, and other surfaces. An adjustable spray nozzle and built-in safety lock remove dust from difficult-to-reach spots. The on/off switch on the tool's side allows it to be used successfully and without interruption. Your project time will be shortened by half with its cutting edge design and ventilated pump head. Compared to conventional washing, the instrument yields completely clean surfaces.

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