S. No. Size
1 20MM
2 25MM
3 35MM

About this item

  • Sharper, longer lasting teeth
  • Flexibility to the maximum extent
  • It’s simple to change and quite versatile
  • Made of high-quality alloy and CNC angled processing.
  • Best surface quality as well as an ever-lasting tool



Are you looking for a high-quality Tct hole saw? The TCT HOLE SAW from Xtra Power is a fully eccentric-pitched hole saw. It has the highest possible degree of flexibility and is therefore particularly easy to change. The easy-to-change configuration with a diameter of 35 mm and 25mm ensures maximum versatility in any application. It is a high-speed hole saw that cuts through the heaviest reinforcement wood and plastic. The high-density aluminum alloy used for this product allows for reduced weight without compromising on strength, making it an excellent tool for working on wood, plastic, or aluminum.

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