Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM 9 SEG
110MM 20MM 10 SEG
110MM 20MM 16 SEG
125MM 20/22.23MM 9 SEG
150MM 20/22.23MM 12 SEG
180MM 22.23MM 14 SEG
200MM 25.40MM 14 SEG
250MM 25.40MM 18 SEG
300MM 50MM 22 SEG
350MM 50MM 24 SEG
110MM 20MM RIM
125MM 20/22.23MM RIM
150MM 20/22.23MM RIM
180MM 22.23MM RIM
200MM 25.40MM RIM

About this item

  • High Application Versatility, and Durability.
  • Outstanding Cutting Performance.
  • Build quality determines to last long
  • Fast cutting speed, small cutting gap, and high cutting efficiency.
  • For cutting grooving on marble, granite, ceramic tile, concrete, used on the manual cutting machine.



Are you looking for a durable, easy-to-use, diamond-coated blade for a seamless finish? REWOP is one of the best blades in the industry to serve the potential purpose of grooving and cutting on rough and uneven surfaces. This high-quality diamond-coated segmented blade is also available in RIM type, widely suitable to work upon Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles, Concrete and more. This amazingly durable blade is dedicated to delivering zero-chipped ends and a high surface finish. The super-strong base blade is yielded with Hot Press technology to support the industrial demand. Rewop blade (SEG and RIM) comes in various sizes to work effortlessly with your manual machine. The technologically advanced blade guarantees to last long and produce outstanding cutting performance.

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