Sr No. Size
1 4-20MM
2 4-32MM
3 3 pcs set (4-12MM, 4-20MM, 4-32MM)

About this item

  • A terrific combination of Speed, Sharpness, and Precision
  • Designed purposefully to auto deburr the hole cut.
  • Available in different drill sizes to meet your industrial requirements
  • Titanium-Nitride coat enhances the durability
  • Works efficiently on plastics, wooden, and metal surfaces
  • It can create a countersink to ensure the finesse in work
  • Safe to use with compatible industrial drill machines



looking for a tool that does not skid or demands punching and pilot drill? Xtra Power introduces the HSS Step Drill bit, made of high-speed steel with heat treatment and a thick Titanium Nitride coating for automatic hole-cut deburring. The bit’s construction technique increases its hardness and extends its life lifetime by 4-5 times that of a standard drill bit. This incredible tool can drill deeper holes in metals, wood, polymers, and other materials. It is cleverly designed to avoid a skid, center punching, and pilot drilling, saving time and effort. It has a triangular shank that does not spin inside the chuck, making it extremely controllable and time-saving.

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