S. No. Cup
1 1 cup
2 2 cup
3 3 cup

About this item

  • Structure made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting material.
  • For quicker operating performance, use a simple lift-down locking mechanism.
  • Two natural rubber suction cups for additional strong suction and grips.
  • Applicable for lifting, hauling, and positing smooth surface & nonporous materials such as glass sheets, marble, tiles, and so on.



Eyeing a portable yet adaptable Glass Suction Lifter for lifting materials? Xtra Power Glass Suction Lifter has been designed and manufactured to be strong and reliable while providing exceptional suction capabilities. The gliding arms can be manually moved up and down at will. Assembled in a perfect way, it works especially effectively when applied on smooth surfaces such as glass sheets, tiles, marble, and so on. The vacuum lifting jack uses filtration vacuum technology. Just retracting air will offer massive lifted force in less distance. It is applied to lifting, hauling, and positioning heavy-duty loads or usual items of all kinds of materials like metal sheets, glass, marble tiles, and a transparent variety of synthetic products with smooth surfaces or nonporous traditional parts. The greater the number of Centre cups pulled together to pick up the load during the separating process under force

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