S. No. Size
1 8MMX65MM

About this item

  • It can operate with an 8 x 65 MM nut effortlessly
  • Build with sturdy material to withstand an extended period of work
  • It has a magnetic edge that produces a comfortable working environment
  • Set of 10 Magnetic Nut Holder
  • Durable and safe to use
  • Compatible with your regular and heavy-duty industrial tools
  • Suitable for working in tight and impossible corners
  • Ideal to be used for Hex head screw, nuts, and bolts



Are you struggling with holding screws, nuts, and bolts in place and looking for a magnetic solution? Xtra Power Full Magnetic Nut Holder Gold is your magnetic solution for the tedious yet compulsory task. This tool is built of Chrome Vanadium Steel and Plastic, and it’s an ideal product to function with drive systems like Nutsetter and Hex. It is crafted of TS2 materials that provide corrosion resistance – especially rust resistance and good stability. XP Full Magnetic Nut Holder Gold possesses strong magnetism that retains nuts, bolts, and screws in the socket, allowing you to use the tool with one hand. With so much convenience and durability, tightening or loosening fasteners is much easier with XP Full Magnetic Nut Holder Gold. Suppose you are wondering about a cost-saving and long-lasting material for your industrial use. In that case, this Xtra Power Full Magnetic Nut Holder Gold is the ideal choice.

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