Grit Diameter Thickness
#24 100MM 0.6MM
#36 100MM 0.6MM
#60 100MM 0.6MM
#80 100MM 0.6MM
#100 100MM 0.6MM
#120 100MM 0.6MM

About this item

  • Rapid speed
  • Long-lasting
  • Exceptional material quality
  • Appropriate for machine metal
  • Works best for grinding and finishing the metal surface



Are you searching for a high-speed and durable abrasive? Xtra Power Fiber Disc 4” is another superior quality abrasive used on angle grinders, primarily for machining metal. It is fitted to suitable backing pads. Its exceptional speed is what makes it ideal for brisk and refined grinding. These coated abrasive discs need less dressing and have significantly higher metal removal rates. It is perfect for grinding, surface blending and finishing the metal surface. The Xtra Power Fiber Disc 4” gives a boost to productivity and also offers permanence. The specialty of this abrasive is that it grinds with less pressure corresponding to standard fiber discs. This high-speed abrasive comes in multiple grits sizes.

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