Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM 9 SEG
110MM 20MM 10 SEG
110MM 20MM 16 SEG
125MM 20/22.23MM 9 SEG
150MM 20/22.23MM 12 SEG
180MM 22.23MM 14 SEG
200MM 25.40MM 14 SEG
250MM 50MM 18 SEG
300MM 50MM 22 SEG
350MM 50MM 24 SEG
110MM 20MM RIM
125MM 20/22.23MM RIM
150MM 20/22.23MM RIM
180MM 22.23MM RIM
200MM 25.40MM RIM

About this item

  • High Application Versatility, and Durability.
  • Outstanding Cutting Performance.
  • Cutting granite, marble, sandstone, and various stones.
  • Smoothly cutting without chipping.
  • A perfect compromise between speed and life.



Are you looking for an easier cutting job on the hardest slab effortlessly? FAST CUT BLADES that run smoothly upon the surface of Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Granite and such, leaving it into two pieces: Debris Fine-finished product. The Hot-pressed technology has been used to develop the superfine quality of the blade that promises the durability and robustness of the blade. FAST CUT BLADES offers two variations: SEG and RIM, which are available in various Arbor Hole size to match your Industrial Tools. The blade performs efficiently at high speed and is known for superior and sharp edges designed for faster-cutting jobs. FAST CUT BLADE delivers excellent results when used for Wet cuts.

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