Product Diameter Thickness Arbor Hole
4" X3 107MM 1.5MM 16MM
5" X3 125MM 1.5MM 22.23MM
7" X3 180MM 1.6MM 22.23MM
14" X3 355MM 2.8MM 25.40MM

About this item

  • 100% Assured safety
  • Give flawless and fast cutting
  • Metal and non-metal blanking methods make extensive use of this material.
  • Electric Angle Grinders and Cut off Machines are perhaps the main applications
  • Developed exclusively for general steel, stainless steel high-hardness steel, and cast iron



Looking for an easy yet modern cutting wheel? Xtra Power CUT OFF WHEEL X3 SERIES features a groove and undercut design with high cutting performance and long tool life. This product is designed specifically for the metal and non-metal blanking industries. CUT OFF WHEEL X3 SERIES is of the best quality and uses the most modern technology at a high-performance level. The CUT OFF WHEEL is 100% safe to use, providing users with the assurance of a precise and perfect cut. The CUT OFF WHEEL is intended for a variety of general steel, stainless steel and non-metal blanking applications for construction and aerospace companies. It is primarily designed with high safety standards and smooth and fast cutting. The series lends itself to those who need an accurate cutting performance. This product is mainly applicable for electric angle grinders and cut-off machines. These are double-netted cut-off wheels available in three different colors.

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