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Glass Cutting Blade


Size Type
4″ Electroplated

About this item

  • Type Electroplated.
  • Always Gives Smooth And Clean Cuts.
  • A High Speed, Long-lasting And Portable.
  • The ultra-thin continuous blade is designed for cutting glass with a smooth finish.
  • Long-lasting blade compared to others in the market.
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Glass Cutting Blade Accessories

Shopping for a durable glass-cutter blade?
The Xtra Power GLASS CUTTING BLADE is an electroplated device with high-quality nickel, chromium and cobalt. The blade can be used in a variety of applications to cut glass such as solar panels, windows, windshields, etc. It is coated with an advanced abrasive material giving it a long life span and durability. The continuous edge provides a clean finish every time and prevents cracking or shattering of glass when cutting. This blade always gives smooth and shiny final cuts. It is a powerful, long-lasting and a portable device. It is made with an ultra-thin continuous blade to produce a flawless finish while cutting glass. This blade lasts a long time when compared to other blades on the sale. It is used to cut 6mm thick glass, mirror, porcelain and mosaic tiles.



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Glass Cutting Blade


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