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Crimped Cup Brush


Product Diameter Thread
75MM M14
100MM M14
  • Best performing angle grinder for good results
  • Debarring, cleaning, and rust removal.
  • Optimum results with a high-performance angle grinder.
  • Size 3” X M10 & 4” X M10
  • Specially designed for all kinds of general steel, stainless steel, hardness steel, and cast iron.
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Xtra Power Crimped Cup Brush

Changing cleaning routine to Crimped Cup Brush?
Xtra power Crimped Cup Brush is an aggressive working brush providing a hygienic surface. The exclusive array of Crimped Cup Brush is specially designed for portable machines (angle grinders), electric or pneumatic. It offers a medium removal capacity on large surfaces. It is recommended to thread an arbor hole than a plain bore for easier use and safety. This is useful in many fields, especially for metallic construction, shipbuilding, boiler industry, stone and concrete. The Crimped Cup Brushes can be filled with a variety of materials including copper wire for enhanced work results.


Xtra Power


Crimped Cup Brush


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