Tool Kit
ProductPower source typeBrandColourNo load speedVoltageFrequencyChuck sizeSwitch lock buttonInput powerVariable speedReverse/ forward function
IC-068 TOOL KITElectric CordedHI-MAXGreen & Black2800 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz1.5-13MMYes650 WattsYesYes

Xtra-power provides a complete tool kit (Impact Drill) to fulfil your requirements. The premium quality products are crafted by following the international design standards to make them adaptable to the applications. The electric Impact Drill promises efficient work quality in each use. The package contains a tool kit (Impact Drill), 1 pcs cutter, 3 pcs Masonry, measuring tape,3 HSS drill bit, 1 pcs claw hammer, socket wrench, adjustable wrench, plier, 1 pcs key chuck, screwdriver bits, screwdriver bit holder, 1pcs electrical insulation tape and 1 pcs tester. The product is in yellow and black with a rigid frame to ensure continuous and unbreakable use. The Impact Drill is designed with a switch lock button to protect the users from unwanted vibration and movement. Modernly equipped, it has reverse and forward functions to improve performance. With the strong and high-quality raw materials used in the construction, the metallic body strengthens its user-friendly quality. The product can be used both by beginners and professionals alike. It assures a long service life because of its strong and maintained body cover. The Impact Drill from Xtra-power is also meant for the toughest jobs. The high-performance Impact Drill is also dedicated to those who need an affordable and dependable workhorse. It can easily do the work without a heavy manual investment. The compatible Impact Drill works in tight spaces and overhead with an ergonomic handle to comfortably use. This modernly constructed product becomes the perfect solution for industrial and engineering applications like screw driving, drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding etc. This is also suitable for home requirements that don’t need extra effort. The Screw Driver Bit Holder is made of high-quality raw materials in the most adaptable way. You must put a little effort and pressure on using the flexible Screw Driver Bit Holder. The Masonry offers high resistance against rotting, temperature and other adverse conditions. The environment-friendly product is a heat absorber. The Drill Bit Screw has become an excellent collection for designers and those who work with materials. It helps you do everything related to automotive, plumbing, construction etc. The extremely organized products from the Xtra-power strengthen your projects with perfect results. The premium quality Claw Hammer is ideal for all projects, including construction, home renovation, general repairs and maintenance, woodworking, art hanging and more. It has a comfortable grip to reduce.

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