ProductPower source typeBrandColourFrequencyVoltageInput powerNo load speedDiameter of wheelVariable speed
XP-1151 ELECTRICAL POLISHERDouble Insulation Electric CordedHeavy DutyBlack & Orange50/ 60 Hz220 V1400 Watts600-3000 RPM180MMYes
IC-093 POLISHERElectric CordedHI-MAXGreen & Black50/ 60 Hz220/ 240 V1200 Watts2800 RPM180MMYes
XPT 555 POLISHERElectric CordedXTRA-POWERGreen & Black50/ 60 Hz220/ 240 V1400 Watts800-3300 RPM180MMYes

Xtra-power manufactures and exhibits the premium quality Polishing machine made of great raw materials followed by international standards and construction designs. The electric-corded Polisher is available in two distinct colours- yellow and black with impeccable tech attributes to produce better results. The package contains 1 unit polisher, 1 unit loop head, 1 unit backing pad, 1 unit wood wheel, 1 pair carbon brush and a user manual. The practical structure and design make it useful for everyday work. The product assures a long service life, and the lightweight construction makes it portable to carry around your workplace. The Polisher can be used by professionals and beginners alike because modern tech features are added to handle the complexities of working with it. The powerful motor performs well. The Polishing machine is more reliable and flexible as you can change the speed according to your requirements. The Polish machine is essential to medical technology, turbine and transmission manufacturing, jewellery, and automotive industries. In order to be ultra-modern in this industry, you need a fully-fledged Polisher that can handle the projects professionally and neatly. The Polisher from the Xtra-power is efficient and creative enough to fulfil your requirements within the specified time. The Polisher is known for its extraordinary talent in removing scratches, paint cars and oxidation. It offers a dependable execution in each use. The Polish machine ensures smooth and high-shine surfaces to increase the aesthetics and quality. Polishing is an important activity in today’s world because there are plenty of reasons to get the surfaces polluted and even inaccessible. Considering this, the demand for Polisher has increased over the years. The premium quality Polishing machine from Xtra-power is adaptable to modern requirements and changes. It can remove heavy scratches or defects by polishing attractively and authentically. Whatever your requirements, you can completely rely on the Polish machine, which is meant to produce satisfactory results. Although Polishing needs much more time, the product does the job on time. It is well known for the decontamination of the paintwork that a sponge failed to remove. The lightweight body makes it simple and easy to use at any time. The Polishing machine minimizes energy consumption and makes less noise than its counterparts. Your polishing jobs will be easier with the high-quality Polish machine with all the modern technical features. The product becomes a valuable add-on to your heavy-duty power tools for home and commercial purposes. The cased foundation of the Polishing machine increases the survival level and tool life. The metallic construction positively impacts the product, and the grip is controllable for the user. The Polish machine has protective features that can easily handle the requisites. The trustworthy product is available in an affordable range. It is a favourite of DIY masters as well. Your polishing projects can never go slow with this efficient product that equally resonates with your demands and expectations. The electric-corded Polisher is an international identity for your power tool collections.

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