Hot Air Gun
ProductPower source typeBrandColourIdling speedVoltageFrequencyTemperatureSwitch lock buttonRated input powerRange
XPT 489 HOT AIR GUNDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black240/ 480 L/ Min220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz230-600°C Yes2000 Watts
IC-082 HOT AIR GUNElectric CordedHI-MAXGreen & Black240/ 480 L/ Min220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz300-600° CelsiusYes13 CM

Xtra-power presents an array of premium quality Hot Air Guns voted for better and more reliable performance. The design has followed all the international standards to maintain its features around the work time. The package contains essential items such as an iron tube and a user manual. The product provides a modern, comfortable appearance. The Hot Air Guns from Xtra-power is portable because it is crafted with lightweight features. The product’s purposes differ from strip paint, defrost pipes, and melting metal with other materials like plastic and other DIY crafts. The product is a handy tool for almost all home and professional requirements. For the DIY masters, the Hot Air Gun has limitless use because it allows changing the heating level according to simple and heavy-duty requirements. The Hot Air Guns can reach very high temperatures and be directed to a specific point or surface. It is a flexible product with many other key features essential for professionals and DIY masters. The high-power Hot Air Guns promise high flow with high temperature to get the work done more quickly and efficiently in large areas. The Hot Air Guns are made of the best grade raw materials for utmost precision. The product has the standard industrial speed to ensure improved performance. The machine is easy to use and handle. It can be used by professionals and beginners alike. The Hot Air Guns from the Xtra-power are excellent and well recommended for durability, efficient functionality, reliable and flexible operations, friendly and compatible designs, and safety assurance. The adjustability of the Hot Air Gun is a quality that distinguishes the product from other products of the same stream. The temperature of the product can be adjusted to different temperature levels. This makes the work easier because some materials require various temperatures so that damage will be reduced to a reasonable level. The product supports 2000 Watt. It is useful in warming frosted copper pipes, thawing frozen locks, and drying damp surfaces. The Hot Air Guns are flameless, which means it doesn’t cause surface damage, so it is a safer heat source for home improvement works. The Hot Air Gun provides a long service life with impeccable design and construction structure. The product is more than a plastic welding tool. The product applications are duck planks, railings, hinge mortising, slot cutting, dovetailing, window cutouts, and more. The Hot Air Guns are known for their safety features also. The versatile Hot Air Gun from Xtra-power ensures a satisfactory result in each use. Compared to the other hot air guns on the market, the high-quality Hot Air Gun stands out from appearance to performance. Choose the premium product to handle all your a-z needs.

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