Core Drill
ProductPower source typeBrandColourNo load speedVoltageFrequencyMaximum drill capacitySwitch lock buttonInput powerSpindle thread
XPT 490 CORE DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black1700 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz90MMYes1880 WattsM22
XPT 491 CORE DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black750 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz200MMYes3200 Watts1 ¼"UNC
XPT 492 CORE DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black1850 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz168MMYes2300 Watts1 ¼"UNC
XPT 493 CORE DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black650 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz255MMYes3900 Watts1 ¼"UNC

Xtra-power power provides the best core drills capable of cutting through cement, wood, rocks, and ice. This is necessary to make cylindrical holes through the object. In several construction projects, these drills are necessary to make uniform cylindrical holes in cement structures. With Xtra-power’s help, you can ensure that the drills are easy to handle and efficient. Furthermore, you will find that you can use it efficiently, and these drills are long-lasting. The common notion is that these drills get easily damaged on continuous use, but Xtra-power drills last for a long time with minimum damage to the drill head. You are expected to hold on to the machine well in both hands when you handle a core drilling machine. Moreover, core drills can vibrate when you use these to drill into metal or cement blocks. Hence, it would help if you had a drill that could be held quickly and produces optimal results. The Xtra-power core drills also prioritize the safety and security of the user. You will find that these drills are easy to hold, and you can manage to make the necessary holes in the objects with minimum effort. In addition, the drills come with an easy-to-grasp handle and a security lock. You can use these easily without feeling any significant vibrations. Instead, the equipment will direct all the vibrations into the object the drill is making the hole. A core drilling machine designed for easy usage both by professionals and novices. The head of the drill has the cutter that drills a hole into the object. In most cases, the drills are used in construction projects where cylindrical holes must be made through concrete slabs to pass pipes, electric lines, cords, and cables. With a good quality core drill, you can even check the integrity of a concrete block. Usually, concrete blocks can withstand the vibration and fire exerted by a core drill. When you use this equipment, it is necessary to ensure that it delivers the exact force and pressure needed to drill a uniform hole through the slab. You will find that this equipment is mainly used for plumbing, building electrical ventilation systems, and making uniform cylindrical holes in a slab to pass cords. If you do not make uniform cylindrical holes in the object, say a concrete slab, you will find that you cannot pass the electrical wires or cords through the slab. But as a concrete slab can provide extensive resistance to the drill, the equipment should be powerful enough to make holes in the slab. You will find that with a powerful core drilling machine, you can easily make these holes. The efficiency of the Xtra-power core drills is only matched by its longevity and multiple utilities. Once you use Xtra-power core drilling machine, you will not want to use any other drills for your construction projects. Our drills offer efficiency and longevity; the best thing is they are affordable. This makes it easier to invest in core drills.

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