Concrete Cutter
ProductPower sourceBrandColourMax powerDisplacementFuel tank capacityMax speedMax blade sizeMax torqueVoltageFrequencyRated power
XPT 467 GASOLINE CONCRETE CUTTERGasolineXtra PowerRed & Black1.8KW52CC1.3L5000-8500RPM405MM2.4NM
XPT 565 CONCRETE SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedXtra PowerRed & Black2.8KW4300RPM355MM220/240 V50/60 Hz
XPT 566 CONCRETE SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedXtra PowerRed & Black3.2KW4300RPM400MM220/240 V50/60 Hz
XPT 587 GASOLINE CONCRETE CUTTER GasolineXtra PowerRed & Black 65 CC 750mL 9000±500 RPM 350 MM (14'') 2.8 kW

Xtra-power manufactures superior quality Gasoline Concrete Cutter crafted with international design standards. Concrete Cutters are an essential part of home and professional purposes as it provides reliable performance. Concrete Cutters help remove or modify the Concrete because, among all of the building materials, Concrete is stronger and thicker. Therefore, it requires a special process and machine to do the work within time. Xtra-power has made an all-equipped Gasoline Concrete Cutter that is flexible at every stage of operations. The product ensures high-quality cutting and resistance wear. Xtra-power Gasoline Concrete Cutter is available in red and black colors, which promises a modern-classy look. There are some limitations in electric power sources for high-power machines. Although gasoline power Concrete Cutters are quite popular, nowadays, professionals prefer petrol powered Concrete Cutters for their outstanding performance. The limitations of traditional electric-powered Concrete Cutters are resolved by opting gasoline power solution for the Concrete Cutter, and it makes the product a frequent purchase of our customers. The heavy-duty Concrete Cutter moves easily and saves human labor by fulfilling the requirements at the right time. There are multiple reasons why both beginners and professionals demand Gasoline Concrete Cutter alike. The petrol-powered Concrete Cutter is known for portability as it doesn’t need a power cord, so they are ideal for tasks where you have no access to power. The Gasoline Concrete Cutter is suitable for searching for a construction or industrial grade tool for all your requirements. And the gas-powered Concrete Cutter is designed with the availability of high power, which means the product assures more speed and efficiency. The heavy-duty, durable construction of the product is perfect for cutting reinforced Concrete. Steel wrap around the front handle with a rubber grip reduces vibration rate and allows a comfortable grip to have full control of the product. The comfortable grip assures the accuracy of the cutting. The product is 100% suitable for marble cutting and ensures a smooth, error-free edge. The Gasoline Concrete Cutter package contains essential items such as a carbon brush, water pump, sparking plug, oil bottle, vacuum tube, etc. The product is ideal for cutting cement blocks, stones, asphalt roadbeds, decoration, etc. The strong motor can easily cut through granite, porcelain, marble, and other stone materials. Xtra-power Gasoline Concrete Cutter can withstand heat while performing to ensure a professional result. Concrete Cutters are powerful tools that need complete control when taken for use. The safety side of the product is impressive. It can be used by beginners and professionals alike because the product has a blade guard to protect the users. The Gasoline Concrete Cutter starts quickly and is excellent for making deep cuts effortlessly. The product assures precision cutting and performance for commercial and industrial requirements. One of the key features of the Gasoline Concrete Cutter is the product is eco-friendly. Compared to other Concrete Cutters, they make less noise during the action. The lightweight Concrete Cutter is best-suited for indoor use, and it can be stored anywhere without thinking about the fire hazards. Moreover, the Gasoline Concrete Cutter becomes the best choice for what you want to do with Concrete.

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