Circular Saw
ProductPower source typeBrandColourNo load speedVoltageFrequencyWheel diameterMaximum cutting capacitySwitch lock buttonInput power
XPT 443 CIRCULAR SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black6000 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz185MM (90 Degree)59MMYes1250 Watts
XP-1144 CIRCULAR SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedHeavy DutyBlack & Orange5500 RPM220 V50/ 60 Hz185MM (90 Degree)Yes1400 Watts
XPT 563 CIRCULAR SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black2260 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz255MM2400 Watts
XPT 564 CIRCULAR SAWDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black3100 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz305MM2600 Watts

The Xtra Power circular saw is designed to help you cut through wood, metal, and plastics efficiently and quickly. When you use a circular saw, you aim to cut similar sizes of the same object. For example, say that you have a wood log and want to cut smaller discs from the log. You need to use a saw to ensure that the circular discs are all the exact sizes. With the help of a motorized saw, you can provide that you cut discs of the same size and shape. The sharp teeth of a circular saw can effectively cut through metal like bronze, steel, and brass so that you get metal objects of similar shape and size. In construction projects, metal object shapes of equal measure and contours are often required. You cannot achieve it with manual saws. You will need motorized saws like a circular saw to achieve this. Moreover, these powerful cutting machines can help you get cuts of equal sizes. The Xtra Power circular saw is designed to help you get equal cuts on the object. The power tool is designed so that you will find that when you use it to cut a piece of wood or metal, it severs the more significant portion at equal angles. In other words, if you position the blades to make cuts at a ninety-degree angle, you will find that all the cuts are made at the same angle. You are not required to keep adjusting the blades. The entire device is designed to provide efficient and equal amounts. The tool is also designed to ensure that experts and novices can easily handle it. We understand that it is a tool used extensively by individuals involved in construction projects. Hence, the device has to be made to withstand heavy usage. You can use the circular saw regularly to cut through wood, metal, and plastic. The device’s blades are not damaged easily, and you do not have to worry about getting the machine repaired or serviced frequently. This is necessary because you do not want the tool damaged while in use. The machine is not just low on maintenance; it is also quite affordable. We understand that we must prioritize the safety and security of the user. Hence, the machine has adequate safety measures so that the user does not get hurt while handling the device. You can use the same device to give cross-cuts, angles, and cuts across the plywood. The circular saw manufactured by Xtra -Power is designed to ensure multiple usages. This makes the machine all the more valuable. You don’t have to keep changing the saw when trying to cut wood or metal. In most cases, users worry about whether they can use the same blade to cut wood and metal; with this machine, you can be assured that you can put the same machine with different blades to multiple uses. This makes the device both practical and affordable.

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