Brush Cutter
ProductPower source typeBrandColourSwitch lock buttonRated output power2 strokes displacementMixing ratioPipe lengthDisc sizeFuel tank capacityPipe diameterIdling speed4 strokes displacement
XPG-BC2S BRUSH CUTTER 2 STROKEPetrol/ Mobil OilXtra Power GoldGoldYes1.2KW43 CC1:25150 CM255MM1 L28MM6500-7000 RPM
XPG-BC4S BRUSH CUTTER 4 STROKEPetrol/ Mobil OilXtra Power GoldOrangeYes0.7 KW1:25150 CM255MM0.9 L28MM2500-3000 RPM31 CC
IC-046A BRUSH CUTTER 2-STROKEPetrol/ Mobil OilHI-MAXGreen & BlackYes1.45 KW52 CC1:251650MM255MM1.2 L
XPG-BC2B BACKPACK BRUSH CUTTER 2 STROKEPetrol/ Mobil OilXtra Power GoldGoldYes1.2 KW43 CC1:25150 CM255MM1 L28MM6500-7000 RPM
XPG-PS26 POLE SAWPetrol/ Mobil OilXtra Power GoldGoldYes0.9 KW32.6 CC1:300.8 L26MM6500-7000 RPM
XPT 586 BRUSH CUTTERPetrol/ Mobil Oil Xtra PowerRed & Black1.6 kW 52 CC 01:251500 MM255 MM 1.2 L28 MM9500±500 RPM

With the help of the Xtra-Power brush cutter, you can now have a weed-free, clean, and well-cut lawn. A brush cutter is different from your regular lawnmower as it offers a perfectly cut lawn with grass of the same height. You can purchase this cutter if you have an unkempt lawn that requires weeding and mowing. The lightweight and easy-to-use equipment will help remove all the weeds. You can use the cutter to now sever the tall grass and have an ideally kept lawn in a few minutes. Brush cutters are often used for agricultural purposes to remove weeds and grass from fields. For example, farmers are often faced with the problem of weeds growing in the fields, which adversely affects the harvest. You cannot use a mower here as it will also cut down the harvest. Instead, with the help of a brush cutter, you can target the weeds growing in the field and remove these. This equipment is a powerful tool that works at a higher horsepower than your regular machines. You need to target the areas where you need to remove the grass and weed, and the tool will do the rest. Power tools can be pretty heavy and challenging to maneuver in most cases. But Xtra-Power brush cutter is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. When you think of equipment that can cut grass and weeds like a mower, you think of a device that will require much effort to hold and manage. However, our brush cutter is easy to hold and manage. The blades are pretty sharp, which ensures a consistent result. You must walk behind the device and hold it when using the cutter. The sharp blades of the cutter will do the rest. The equipment is also lightweight because it is often used by individuals unfamiliar with power tools. The easy maneuverability of the tool makes the cutter a device that you can regularly use to keep your garden free of weeds and the grass at the same height. Farmers can easily use it to remove the weeds and grass from their fields. You can easily use the cutter to chop off the thickest tuft of grass. You will be surprised by the resistance that grass and weed can offer to equipment when you cut it. The blades must be quite powerful to cut through the thickest bushes of grass and weed. The Xtra Power brush cutter is designed to do just that to get a weed-free lawn. When you purchase the cutter, you will find that you can handle it quickly and use it regularly. Weeds can grow on your lawn within a few days, so you need a cutter that you can use regularly. Our equipment is designed to be used regularly and is long-lasting. This makes the equipment perfect and affordable because you can be assured that there will be no damage to the machine on prolonged use.

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