Screw Driver Drill
ProductPower source typeBrandColourNo load speedVoltageFrequencyChuck sizeVariable speed functionSwitch lock buttonInput powerReverse/ forward functionMaximum chuck sizeTorque adjusterBattery powerMaximum torqueVoltage supplyMaximum drilling capacity
XPT 429 SCREW DRIVER DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black0-750 RPM220/240 V50/60 Hz0.8MM-10MMYesYes350 WattsYes
XPT 431 SCREW DRIVER DRILLDouble Insulation Electric CordedXTRA-POWERRed & Black0-750 RPM220/240 V50/60 HzYes400 WattsYes10MMYes
XPT 482 CORDLESS DRILLCordlessXTRA-POWERRed & Black400-1350 RPMYesYes10MM1300 MAH28NM12 Volts
XPT 484 CORDLESS DRILLCordlessXTRA-POWERRed & Black400-1500 RPM12 Volts50/ 60 HzYesYes10MM2000 MAH30 NMSteel (10MM) & Wood (20MM)
IC-012 SCREW DRIVERElectric CordedHI-MAXGreen & Black0-750 RPM220/ 240 V50/ 60 Hz08-10MMYesYes280 WattsYes

Xtra-power exhibits the premium quality Screwdriver machine designed with excellent materials.. It is equipped with a switch lock button facility to protect the users from unwanted movement and vibration while doing the job. The electric screwdriver drill machine is a versatile tool and a better choice for your DIY, home, and professional requirements. The pistol-shaped power tool is usually used for boring holes. It has a variable speed function that you can adjust the speed of the Screw Driver Drill according to your requirements. Its adjustable chuck accepts driver bits and can be used as a screwdriver. The double insulation electric-corded Screwdriver machine has reverse and forward functions to smoothen the performance level. The sleek and lightweight style makes it a portable tool you can carry around for your work. The electric screwdriver drill machine accepts hexagonal sockets for hex-head bolts. It can also quickly drill bore pilot holes for large and small fasteners without much effort. The product is exceptionally durable and reliable for all your work projects. The powerful electric motor relentlessly works throughout the working time for consistently accurate performance. It quickly gets into the hard materials and saves your time. Expert and skilled engineers design the Screw Driver Drill by incorporating all the international industry standards and advanced technical features. It is inexpensive compared to its counterparts. The solid and secure grip ensures that you can comfortably use the product without barriers. The Screw Driver Drill is convenient because of the easy-to-hold shape and materials used during construction. It is created with a plastic body for consistent use and performance. The product can be used both by beginners and professionals alike. While using the Screwdriver machine, you need to give less effort because the work is less laborious. The metal gears in the Screw Driver Drill lead to increased performance and improved tool life. The high torque of the Screw Driver Drill makes it more adaptable to any requirements. It assures long service life and has become an essential part of DIY masters, designers, and professionals. Choose the best quality electric Screwdriver drill machine to handle your newer projects easily.

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