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XPT 444 Trimmer


Xtra-power showcases premium quality Wood Trimmer with streamlined and international design formats to maximise the work performance. It is designed by skilled engineers who are well updated with the latest technology in the world tool industry. The high precision rate is the remarkable feature of the Wood Trimmer because, after all the heavy work, it gives error-free edges, fine surfaces and attractive designs. The product is available in red and black colours. The electric-corded Wood Trimmer performs better and produces quality output in no time. It has a switch lock button facility to protect the users. The package contains essential items including 1 unit trimmer, 1 pair carbon brush, 2 unit wrench, 1 unit guide blade and a user manual explaining its a to z functionalities. The Wood Trimmer is durable and reliable assuring a long- lasting service life. To complete your requirements as a woodwork artisan or technician, to make beautiful and aesthetic designs on wood, you need to have a perfect machine. The Wood Trimmer from Xtra-power meets all your demands and fulfils your wood requirements professionally and responsibly.

The powerful motor relentlessly works to provide the desired results. And the multi-purpose Wood Trimmer is an asset to the furniture industry where quality and latest designs must meet to stand out in the market.

The Wood Trimmer is designed to trim wooden planks and bands to get fine edges and smooth surfaces. You get a higher level of technical and structural efficiency when you use the high-quality Wood Trimmer from Xtra-power. The product is capable of performing highly intense operations in less time and without heavy manual investment. Compared to its counterparts, the Wood Trimmer produces greater force to bring the expected and precise results. It is crafted with the toughest and greater quality materials to make sure it doesn’t break when performing heavy-duty operations. The electric-corded trimmer is also flexible that you can move it according to your needs. The motor can easily hold high temperatures and generate less heat to prolong the service time and efficacy of the product during work. It can be used for many purposes including making a variety of trimming shapes like square grooves, round-bottom grooves etc. The 60 mm collet capacity signals the impeccable performance of the Wood Trimmer. The eco-friendly product doesn’t make high noise. You can meet your requisites with the right set of woodworking tools like Wood Trimmer to bring your business to the next level.

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