XPT 410 Straight Grinder

Straight Grinder

Xtra-power provides superior quality Straight Grinders crafted with great materials with international standards and features. The product is available in red and black colors, having a modern-classy touch. The powerful motor ensures better performance in each use. The Straight Grinders are equipped with a switch lock button facility on the backside of the machine to protect the users from unwanted movements and vibrations. The hand-held power tool is commonly used for grinding using abrasive products like plain resinoid wheels, flap wheels, etc. It assures a smooth performance throughout the project. The advanced techniques and features make the Straight Grinders perfect for domestic and professional requirements. The double insulation electric corded Straight Grinders provide impeccable results in less time. The product is suitable for stainless steel polishing and heavy-duty grinding.

The Straight Grinders from the Xtra-power are lightweight and portable that you can carry around your workplace according to your requirements. It guarantees efficient, safe working, and optimum results, whatever your requirement is. The Straight Grinders are known for their robustness, reliability, and manageability. The Straight Grinders have an adjustable compact body to support the machine’s flexibility. The cast metal case in the Straight Grinders increases the tool life and assures long service life. There are multiple uses for this superior quality product. It can be used for cutting discs, grinding wheels, stones, wire brushing wheels, and polishing pads. You will get complete authority while using the machine because it has a comfortable and strong grip to do the project successfully. The speed can be optimized based on the work you do. Skilled engineers craft the Straight Grinders by incorporating all the modern machinery elements. It is a user-friendly product. Both beginners and professionals can use this product alike. The Straight Grinders produce precise results. The high-quality gear enables consistent use and improved performance. It becomes an ideal power tool if you work with stainless steel, repair vehicles, or special vehicle construction. The Straight Grinders are inexpensive compared to other products in the global market. The product assures impressive grinding results. It is an add-on to your power tool collection.

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