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Straight Bits


XP 9501 4 8
XP 9502 6 15
XP 9503 8 20
XP 9504 10 20
XP 9505 12 20
XP 9506 12.7 20
XP 9507 15 20
XP 9508 19 20

About this item

  • Easy to use
  • Assured long life
  • Premium quality product
  • Fast cutting and error-free finish
  • Designed with high-quality materials
  • Perfect and stable cutting performance
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Straight Bits Accessories

Want to add an extra performing Straight Bits to your equipment collection?
Xtra-power exhibits the best array of Straight Bits designed with great quality materials for efficient performance. The product assures better stability from small-scale works to specialized requirements. Straight Bits are flexible for newcomers and professionals, providing fast cutting and smooth finishing. Straight flutes combined with side and bottom cutting edges ensure break-free execution. The product is suitable for functional and decorative cuts. The Straight Bits are typically used for rabbeting, tenons, inlays, and box joints, offering better action. The product is available in different cutting lengths and sizes. You can choose one among them according to your requirements. The premium quality and long-lasting product become a smart choice in clean cuttings.


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Straight Bits


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