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Rabbeting (Slot Bits)


XP 9091 35 4
XP 9092 35 6
XP 9093 35 8
XP 9094 35 9
XP 9095 35 10
XP 9096 35 12
XP 9097 35 15
XP 9098 35 20
XP 9099 35 25
XP 9100 35 30

About this item

  • Assured long-lasting life
  • Superior quality product.
  • Speedy cutting and excellent finishing
  • Incomparable accuracy and cutting performance
  • Different cutting lengths for meeting the requirements
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Rabbeting (Slot Bits)

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The Rabbeting (Slot Bits) from the Xtra-power assures long service life with the superior quality materials used for the construction of the product. The product follows high precision grinding technology and the high abrasion resistance promise an efficient performance. The Rabbeting (Slot Bits) is user-friendly and both experts and beginners can use this without investing too much pressure. The unique head design and body construction give a smooth, clean, no-grain, and error-free edge at the end of the operation. The Rabbeting (Slot Bits) is perfect for making boxes, cabinet frames, drawers, etc. The added advantage of this product is it allows precise edge alignment and easy execution. The Rabbeting (Slot Bits) becomes a wise choice for managing the design demands and offers utmost accuracy in each use.


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Rabbeting (Slot Bits)


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