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Ovolo-Cove Profile Bits


XP 9051 29 14
XP 9052 37 18
XP 9053 33 10
XP 9054 38 12

About this item

  • Ensure durability
  • Stable performance
  • User-friendly experience
  • Premium quality product
  • Followed by advanced technologies
  • Excellent for fast cutting and superfinishing
  • Available in different cutting length dimensions
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Ovolo-Cove Profile Bits Accessories

Planning to involve in premium quality Ovolo-cove Profile Bits purchases?
Xtra-power has a unique collection of Ovolo-cove Profile Bits made of steel for incredible performance. The product is excellent for creating extra-large and beautiful coves for furniture or architectural crown moldings. It is widely used in the furniture designing areas where coves and new attractive designs are essential to have a good market value. The premium quality Ovolo-cove Profile Bits are made following the international industry standards for a stable, fine cutting and finishing experience. Raw materials used in the product are of good quality, which allows the user to operate it more freely. The Ovolo-cove Profile Bits feature industrial quality with the resistant steel material. The self-guiding product meets your requirements efficiently. Choose the top-rated Ovolo-cove Profile Bits for your design purposes.


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Ovolo-Cove Profile Bits


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