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Flush Trim Bits


XP 5001 7 20
XP 5002 8 20
XP 5003 10 25
XP 5004 13 25

About this item

  • Long product life
  • Stability and good design
  • Improved performance
  • Availability in various diameters
  • Excellent operation and super finish
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Flush Trim Bits Accessories

Planning to buy Flush Trim Bits designed with modern technology?
Xtra-power Flush Trim Bits are a must-have for every woodworking shop. The product is typically for trimming the shelf edging, veneer, and laminates. The Flush Trim Bits yield better results to professional cabinet shops, custom car audio installers, and high-end furniture makers. The carpentry tool can be your best choice in creating attractive shapes. The compression design of the Flush Trim Bits eliminates chipping and tear out at the top and bottom of the material to ensure improved performance. The product assures versatility and can be used on thick and thin stock. It is available in different diameters, giving you an option to choose according to your requirements. The user-friendly product reduces burning and splintering and makes the work effortless.


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Flush Trim Bits


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