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Cove Bead Bits


XP 9041 25 8
XP 9042 29 10
XP 9043 33 12
XP 9044 37 14

About this item

  • Long-lasting
  • Superior quality product
  • Perfect for both hard and softwoods
  • Suitable for the furniture industry
  • Best for fast cutting and smooth finishing
  • Well known for stability and efficient performance
  • High-quality materials in the manufacturing process
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Cove Bead Bits Accessories

Prefer unique finishing on woods?
Xtra-power exclusively exhibits the premium quality Cove Bead Bits to provide an extra-fine finish with incomparable sharpness and edge retention. The product creates a unique finishing to the workpiece as it excellently follows advanced cutting technologies. The Cove Bead Bits are durable and reliable with their fully hardened and tempered steel shank. It is ideal for classic woodworking design and the control cut design minimizes the kickback for great performance. The user-friendly Cove Bead Bits are available in different sizes to go beyond expectations. The micro-grain carbide tips guarantee superior wear resistance and long last life, which primarily rank the product’s rate high. No sanding is necessary when using Cove Bead Bits, as they provide 100% easy edge finishing. The product is suitable for the wood design industry.


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Cove Bead Bits


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