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Xtra Power X2 TCT Saw Blade


Size Bore Size Thickness
4″ X 30T (110MM) 20.00MM 2.00MM
4″ X 40T (110MM) 20.00MM 2.00MM
5″ X 30T (125MM) 20.00MM 2.30MM
5″ X 40T (125MM) 20.00MM 2.30MM

About this item

  • Super thin kerf design
  • TuCo Hi-Density carbide tip
  • Increase line time
  • Coated with PERMA-SHIELD
  • Carpenter’s pencil pro available as bonus.
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TCT Saw Blade Xtra Power X2 

Struggling to find a burr-free cut saw blade that is suitable for Wood?
XTRA POWER X2 TCT is a professional grade blade designed ideally to cut all kinds of Wood with its thin and keen teeth. It has PERMA-SHIELD coating for less drag, gumming, and corrosion. While using it, one tooth pitches from the left and the other pitches from the right, which gives you a clean and smooth cut edge. Its special tri-metal shock-resistant brazing alloy consists of copper wrapped between silver layers to withstand extreme impact and hence provide maximum durability. These blades are the highest quality available, along with stability guaranteed. Its high precision laser cut body and slot absorb noise vent. The anti-kickback shoulder prevents inversion during cutting and ensures safety.


Xtra Power


XP X2 TCT Saw Blade


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