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Xtra Power Gold TCT Saw Blades


Size Bore Size Thickness
4″ X 30T (110MM) 20.00MM 1.80MM
4″ X 40T (110MM) 20.00MM 1.80MM
5″ X 30T (125MM) 20.00MM 1.80MM
5″ X 40T (125MM) 20.00MM 2.00MM
6″ X 40T (150MM) 25.40MM 2.00MM
7″ X 40T (180MM) 25.40MM 2.20MM
7″ X 60T (180MM) 25.40MM 2.20MM
8″ X 40T (200MM) 25.40MM 2.20MM
8″ X 60T (200MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
10″ X 40T (250MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
10″ X 60T (250MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
12″ X 40T (300MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
12″ X 60T (300MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
14″ X 60T (350MM) 25.40MM 2.80MM
10″ X 80T (250MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
10″ X 100T (250MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
12″ X 100T (300MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
12″ X 120T (320MM) 25.40MM 2.60MM
14″ X 100T (350MM) 25.40MM 2.80MM
14″ X 120T (350MM) 25.40MM 2.80MM

About this item

  • Premium quality blade
  • Produced from high-grade steel
  • Less heat dissipation during cutting
  • Produce less noise
  • Straight, continuous, and error-free cuts.
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TCT Saw Blade XP Gold (For Wood & Aluminium)

Are you searching for an efficient and fast TCT saw blade without compromising the quality?
XTRA POWER GOLD TCT is a premium quality circular saw-blade with carbide tips attached to the teeth. It is manufactured from high-grade steel & is perfect for a Stable performance. Its triple chip grind is extensively used for cutting Aluminium metal and heavy wood. The optimized teeth count assures fast and faultless cuts, which make this blade the best available on precision grounds. With an increased line time, innovative design is used in its well-structured body to dissipate heat during cutting. The scoring width of the blade is adjustable using a spindle which gives a perfect cutting performance.


Xtra Power


XP Gold TCT Saw Blades


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