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S. No. Model. No.
2 PDA100D
3 G15SA2
4 G18SE2
5 PH65A
6 CC14SF
7 GWS6-100
8 2-20SE
9 2-26RE
10 GWS20-180
11 11E
13 DW801 ( NEW )
14 DW801 ( OLD )
15 DW28710 / CC14STD
16 DW871
17 MT410
18 0810T
19 TCH355HB

 About this item:

  • Appreciating design
  • Reliable performance
  • Long-lasting service life
  • Supreme quality raw materials used
  • Excellent in interrupting the current flow on time
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Searching for Switches that are efficient, moder,n and long-lasting?
Xtra-power manufactures and sells the best bunch of Switches that are efficient in interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. Safety is the utmost priority, and the product double assures it. The product promises reliable performance to rescue from electrical risks. It analyses the real-time electrical feedback and acts according to the situation by interrupting the current flow to the destination. Supreme quality raw materials are used during the construction stage to maximize and increase the potential. The Switches assure long-lasting service. The product installation requires no hours and the users can easily adjust the switch position even after the machine is set up or running in its manual mode.


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