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S. No. Size
3 DU10
4 G15SA2
5 PH65A
6 PH65SC
7 GWS6-100
8 2-20SE
9 2-26RE
10 11E
11 DW801
12 0810T
13 TCH355HB
14 G18SE2

About this item:

    • Premium quality product
    • Assured long-lasting service
    • Technically updated designs
    • High-quality raw materials used for construction
    • Manufacturing a stator with concentrated windings
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Looking for extra-working world quality stators?
The premium quality Stators manufactured with concentrated windings ensure safe and excellent performance. This product is characterized by its flexibility in operation and its reliable performance. Stators are the essential part of power tools like an electric generators, electric motors, etc. The Stator core is designed with thin punched laminations of electrical grade steel. The laminated construction limits the eddy-current, losses due to the alternating flux, the core carries while working and promises better operations. The punching forms a 360° ring, comprising one layer relative to the locations of the gaps between punching in the layers below and above. The product serves you a long time without lagging and intimidating.


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