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Carbon Brushes Xtra Power

S. No. Size S. No. Size
1 # 33 ( CM4SA, CM4SB, G15SA2 ) 14 DW28700
2 # 21 15 KM4SA
3 # 41 16 KPT561
4 # 44 (G18SE2, PH65A, CC14SF ) 17 KPT 5791
5 # 38 ( TR12 ) 18 MT410
6 GWS6-100 19 9553
7 2-20SE 20 0810T
8 2-26RE 21 4107
9 GWS20-180 22 3612BR
10 11E 23 5016
11 GCO-2000 24 TCH355HB
12 DW801 25 2310B
13 DW871 26 2410D

About this item:

  • Long operational life
  • Excellent performance
  • Premium quality product
  • Suitable for polishing, lubricating
  • Designed with superior quality raw materials
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Carbon Brushes Xtra Power

Want to buy the best class Carbon Brush for your requisites?
Xtra-power manufactures premium quality Carbon Brushes with a modern design that are ideally suitable for D.C motor/machine to regulate the electrical connection. The product has different purposes like polishing, lubricating, etc. The Carbon Brushes are a self-lubricating type that rotates on the commutator to polish it. The design structure promises a flexible and reliable performance, and they can be considered the best electrical conductors. The product is capable of working in the low-power field also. By using Carbon Brushes, it is possible to increase the conductivity. It has high contact resistance, which further improves the performance level. Compared to other brushes, Carbon Brushes don’t damage the commutator.


Xtra Power


Carbon Brushes Xtra Power


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