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S. No. Size S. No. Size
1 CM4SA 21 DW801
2 CM4SB 22 DW28700
3 PDA100D 23 DW28710/CC14STD
4 PDA100M 24 XP82P
5 DU10 25 DW28720
6 G15SA2 26 TCH355HB
7 CM5 27 MT410
8 CC14SF 28 MT412
9 PH65A 29 9553
10 PH65SC 30 MT90
11 GWS6-100 31 5806B
12 GWS7-100 32 0810T
13 13RE 33 4107
14 2-20SE 34 GA7020
15 2-26RE 35 MT240
16 GWS20-180 36 5016
17 GSH388 37 7614NB
18 11E 38 6510
19 GCO-200 39 KPT561
20 GCO-2000

About this item:

  • Long service life
  • Uniquely resistant
  • Designed with quality materials
  • Rigid enough to hold plastic materials
  • Meeting international industry standards
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Do you prefer technically updated armatures for your power machines?
The Armatures are designed with high-quality materials for superior performance and execution. The product possesses a unique resistance and is the major half of the power tool machines like an electric motor. The design process has followed international industry standards by molding plastic around the magnet wire and shaft of the Armature to strengthen it. It helps to increase the critical speed of the Armature. Thermally conductive plastic is used during the construction stage. It needs a simple installation process and promises long service life. The metallic surface and internal structuring perfectly match the power tool functions.


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