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SDS Max Chisel


S. No. Size
1 18 X 400 POINTED
2 18 X 400 FLAT
18 X 480 POINTED
4 18 X 480 FLAT
18 X 600 POINTED
6 18 X 600 FLAT

About this item

  • Size & Type 18×400, 18×480, 18×600, Pointed & Flat
  • Great product quality.
  • This tool is fit for Standard chiseling 
  • Available for numerous demolition applications in concrete and brick.
  • SDS max flat chisel provides standard chiseling for various demolition applications in concrete and brick.
  • Good material removal on the light application is made possible by the flat cutting edge.
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SDS Max Chisel Pointed & Flat

Do you need to get the Chiseling job done?
Xtra Power SDS MAX CHISEL provides traditional chiseling works faster and easier and lasts a long time. It can be utilized in a variety of construction applications and provides conventional chiseling for various concrete and brick demolition operations. It is a high-quality product and useful equipment that may be utilized in a variety of concrete and masonry building and demolition applications. The chisels have been hardened all the way around the panel, making them perfect for full-length use. This chisel produces normal chiseling results.


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