Hexagon Shank Chisel


S. No. Size
1 17 X 280 POINTED
2 17 X 280 FLAT
17 X 380 POINTED
4 17 X 380 FLAT
17 X 450 POINTED
6 17 X 450 FLAT

About this item

  • Available in 17 Pointed & Flat
  • Chiseling For Various Demolition
  • Blades Uniformly Hardened For Full-Length Use
  • The chisel provides standard chiseling for various demolition applications in concrete and brick.
  • The chisel is intended for mortising, demolition, and adjustment work as well as for restoring joints and clearing reinforcements.
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Hexagon Shank Chisel Pointed & Flat


Xtra Power


Hexagon Shank


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