XP-PW-100CD Cordless Pressure Washer


Lowest Pressure 0.65MPA
Highest Pressure 2.6MPA
Water in Height 1.5 Mtr Max.
Flow 120L/hr
Battery 22V
Machine Weight 1.7 Kgs/1.3 Kgs

Package Contents

  • 1 unit Pressure Washer
  • 1 unit Pipe
  • 1 unit Long Rod
  • 1 unit Short Rod
  • 1 unit Multi-Function Spray Mouth
  • 1 unit Bag
  • 1 unit Battery
  • 1 unit Charger

About this item

  • Model: XP-PW-100CD
  • Pressure: 2.6MPA
  • Pressure washers make quick work
  • Variety of outdoor cleaning projects
  • High-pressure water spray 
  • Easily accessible for quick maintenance
  • With auto suction & filter
  • Compact & portable design
  • Remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum, and dirt from surfaces.
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Pressure Washer XP PW 100CD

Targeting a comfortable and flexible cordless pressure washer for all your daily washing needs?
Choose the XTRA-POWER PW 100CD with a maximum flow of 120l/hr and is lightweight. It is a great tool featured with high-pressure water sprayers which makes cleaning an easy and quick task. This cordless washer is designed using the finest quality material that helps to ease up all your cleaning work. It is suitable for many kinds of outdoor cleaning tasks, such as automobiles, outdoor furniture, and a sun terrace. It is a useful and straightforward tool. It’s structured to have a stable and sustainable grip of an impressive body. We run our quality assessments for you.


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