XPT 448 Mixer


Power Source Type Double Insulation Electric Corded
Colour Red & Black
No Load Speed 400 RPM
Voltage 220/ 240 V
Frequency 50/ 60 Hz
Mixing Wheel Diameter 150MM
Switch Lock Button Yes
Input Power 1600 Watts

Package Contents

  • 1 unit Mixer
  • 1 Pair Carbon Brush
  • 1 unit Wrench
  • 1 unit User Manual

About this item

  • Motor with a power output of 1600 watts
  • Firm grip gives you a load-free job
  • Streamlined body built for better functionality
  • Carries a mixing wheel with a diameter of 150 mm
  • Metal machine gear for better efficiency and increased service quality
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XTRA-POWER XPT 448 Multifunction Electric Mixer 150mm

Searching for a new and easy-to-use professional mixer?
Get XTRA-POWER XPT 448 with a mixing wheel diameter of 150 mm and exceptional durability. The device gives a load-free acceleration of 400 RPM with ample productivity. The compact electric motor with an operating power consumption of 1600 watts enables a more efficient mixing of many components. The XPT 448 demands less strength to be used, making it much easier to mix actively. It could be used in industrial plants to combine various substances such as mortar, paint, concrete, and tile superglue. The mixer is an essential, powerful machine. It’s designed to get a safe and fair working grip of a great body. We’re running our quality checks for you.


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