XPT 415 Marble Cutter


Power Source Type Double Insulation Electric Corded
Colour Red & Black
No Load Speed 11000 RPM
Voltage 220/240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Blade Capacity 150MM
Switch Lock Button Yes
Input Power 1420 Watts
Maximum Cutting Depth 48MM

Package Contents

  • 1 unit Marble Cutter
  • 2 unit Wrench
  • 1 Pair Carbon Brush
  • 1 unit User Manual 

About this item

  • High-efficiency 1420 watts motor
  • Modular body for use with low exhaustion
  • Structured for ease during extended work
  • Backs a 150mm disc
  • Metal gear case housing for increased durability of the tool
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XTRA-POWER XPT 415 Marble Cutter 150mm

Is there a question about a professional marble cutter for the heavy industry?
Answer it with XTRA-POWER XPT 415 with a wheel of 150 mm in diameter, making it possible to change the cutting depth according to your needs. This gives you a rate of 11000 RPM for smooth and prompt results. The powerful motor with the strength of 1420 watts ensures the cutting of various forms of flat stones like granite, concrete, masonry, asphalt, refractories, and marble work to operate perfectly. The marble cutter is ideal for different components and industrial applications as it can be used with a diamond carbide blade, vacuum brazed, silver brazed, and laser-welded that smoothly cuts the tile rather than a clean-cut saw while cooling with water. It is designed to give the perfect body a comfortable, strong grip. We conduct our quality tests for you.


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