IC-061A Chain Saw


Power Source Type Petrol/ Mobil Oil
Brand HI-MAX
Colour Yellow & Black
Idling Speed 3000 RPM
Bar Length 450MM (18”)
Switch Lock Button Yes
Input Power 3200 Watts
Displacement 60 CC
Fuel Tank Capacity 550 ML
Oil Tank Capacity 260 ML

Package Contents

  • 1 unit Chain Saw
  • 1 unit Chain
  • 1 unit Screw Driver
  • 1 unit Chain Grater
  • 1 unit Bottle
  • 1 unit Bar
  • 1 unit Wrench
  • 1 unit User Manual

About this item

  • The powerful engine of 3200 watts
  • Modular slim body facilitates constant usage
  • Durable versatile design
  • Reaches a maximum 450 mm of cutting diameter
  • Easy initiation
  • Aluminium starter
  • Magnesium alloy crank case.
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Hi-Max IC–061A Gasoline Chain Saw 450mm (18”)

Looking for a compact, easy-to-use gasoline chain saw for high-power applications?
The HI-MAX skilled apparatuses offer an amazingly broad range of applications. The IC–061A has a cutting diameter of 450 mm for the guide bar. The chain saw has a protected grip on the tool’s handle and gives the bar and chains a strong latching mechanism. It provides you the load-free speed of 3000 RPM with a sharp arrangement of teeth for fast and smooth results. The extraordinary engine with a power availability of 3200 watts renders tree pruning, cutting, kicking, delimbing, hacking firebreaks in wildfire concealment, and kindling gathering work proficient. The chain saw is fitting for various work methods and surfaces. It is intended to give the ideal body a balanced and comfortable grasp. We complete our quality checks only for you.



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