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XP Black Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM RIM
110MM 20MM 10 SEG

About this item

  • Suitable for Marble, Granite and Ceramic Tiles
  • High-Speed performance on the desired surface
  • Hot-Press technology for improved strength
  • Seamless definition on the edges
  • To be used with various tools
  • Exclusively Made in India product.
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Xtra Power Black Blades

What is the one product that can work best with Marble, Granite, and Ceramic Tiles?
The XP BLACK BLADE is the solution to the most popular industrial demand, where one blade can work for all. This made-in-India product with a type 10-SEG, RIM and Turbo type blade works efficiently with your range of Angle Grinders, Marble Cutter and Tile Saws. The high endurance capacity of the blade makes it ideal for slicing off the finest Ceramic Tiles, large Granite Slabs and a massive chunk of Marble without leaving a coarse edge. The Hot-Press innovation in Xtra Power Black Blade provides it with insanely high ductility, tensile strengths and impact strength to meet the Industrial requirement. The sophisticated build-quality of the blade guarantees its long-lasting, high speed and consistent performance.


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