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Xtra Power Premium Blades


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
125MM 20MM 9 SEG
150MM 22.23MM 12 SEG
180MM 22.23MM 14 SEG
200MM 25.40MM 14 SEG
250MM 50MM 18 SEG
300MM 50MM 22 SEG
350MM 50MM 24 SEG

About this item

  • High-speed blade for better performance
  • Sharp edge for perfect definition
  • Suitable for Wet cutting
  • On-point safety and durability
  • Recommended for granite, marble, and stones
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Xtra Power Premium Blade

What makes a Premium Blade best for cutting granite, marble, and more?
Premium Blades provide great endurance in a variety of applications – from cutting to shaping granite, marble and various stones. This extra-smooth, high-performance, Xtra Power Premium Blade comes in a variety of SEG types to provide depth to your design. It is suited for wet cutting due to its great cutting efficiency and speed. The advanced technology used in the build quality of the blade increases its adjustable flexibility. The practical design works well with heavy industrial machines and prevents overheating. The extra power of Premium Blade is unquestionably an industrial answer from the range of Diamond Saw Blades.


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