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XP Ceramic Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM RIM
110MM 20MM 9 SEG

About this item

  • Available in Seg and Rim type
  • Suitable for Wet-Cut
  • High-speed blade
  • Razor-sharp edges for best result
  • Recommended for ceramic tiles
  • Also have a wide range of applications
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Xtra Power Ceramic Blade

Are you wondering about something that can smoothly chip the Ceramics?
XTRA POWER CERAMIC BLADE brings you the solution to deal with ceramics in no time. Ceramics usually are brittle and have the disadvantage of chipping and cracking from the impact. Thus, XP Ceramic Blade is your answer to work with tough yet delicate Ceramic Tiles. These blades are available in one size with SEG and RIM types. They work well under the situation of Wet-Cut. When used with water, XP Ceramic Blades features dust control, an increased life span of the blade and a smoother finish on the surface. This excellent performance blade can also be used with Porcelain tile for the desired result. The strong build quality of the blade keeps operational noise to a minimum and provides maximum durability upon longer and multiple uses.


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