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XP Ultrathin Rim Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type
110MM 20MM RIM

About this item

  • For Wet cutting process
  • Undoubtedly safe to use
  • Quicker, Serrated and Robust
  • Build quality ensures a long life
  • Power performance that delivers the superfine result
  • It works best on marble, tiles, granite and similar surfaces
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Xtra Power Ultrathin Rim Blade

What if you get the blade to create an extremely sleek mold on the surface?
XTRA POWER ULTRATHIN RIM BLADE delivers a precise and fine edge cut upon various types of tiles surfaces, marble, granite and other similar rock or stone. This standard and advanced technology blade are only available for Wet cutting applications and guarantees to reduce the operation noises and powder dust, making it a feasible product for strenuous work under all circumstances. The XP Ultrathin RIM Blade comes with an unbeatable combination of power, performance and speed. This revolutionary product is your ideal solution in terms of durability, sleek and detailed results.


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