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XP Super Thin Turbo Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

  • Turbo type blade
  • Strongly built for strenuous work
  • Widely suitable for Dry and Wet cut
  • High-speed blade delivers a perfect finish
  • Hot Press technology for excellent performance
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Xtra Power Super Thin Turbo Blade

Getting difficulty in choosing something that works best for Wet and Dry cut?
XP SUPER THIN TURBO works wonders when used for Dry and Wet cuts. This ingenious blade is robust, serrated and operates at great speed to yield the desired and flawless result easily. The product works seamlessly on almost all types of tiles such as Ceramic, Vitrified, Porcelain and more. XP Super Thin Turbo blade has been developed using the hotpress technology that provides it with a great length of service. This high-powered industrial blade works to deliver smooth, chip-free and optimum results on the surface when used with compatible machines. Despite being a thinner yet sturdy and sharp yet smooth finisher, XP Super Thin Turbo Blade is a neat performer and undoubtedly safe to use for all your molding purposes.


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1 review for XP Super Thin Turbo Blade

  1. Happy Singh

    Works Extremely Well, Awesome quality and good work, Fine & Smooth Cutting.

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