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XP Flat Wheel Blade


Diameter Arbor Hole Type

About this item

  • Super sharp edges for accurate definition
  • Exceptional operational speed for the top-notch result
  • Power-packed performance that meets industrial standards
  • Absolutely safe blade to work with
  • Double-sided blade for efficient Wet-Dry cut
  • Serves both molding and cutting goals
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Xtra Power Flat Wheel Blade

Searching for a blade that can exhibit superlative molding and cutting jobs?
XTRA POWER FLAT BLADE is something you have been lacking in your amazing collection of cutting and molding tool baskets. This one blade can produce outstanding and flawless molds as well as cuts on the slab or fragment of Marble, Granite, Concrete and more. XP Flat Blade is one of the Double-Sided blades that can work efficiently for both Dry and Wet cutting procedures. This exceptional-performing, power-packed blade is backed up with a surreal technology that enhances the resistance and makes it hard-wearing. The blade guarantees a splendid finish on the surface, free from coarse texture. With an unmatched operational speed, XP Flat Blade ensures a high safety standard and considerably contributes to the improvement of working conditions.


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